Professional 24pcs Makeup Brush Set With Leather Case

Professional 24pcs Makeup Brush Set With Leather Case



The key to a flawless airbrushed face is the brushes you use. Great assortment of 24 different shapes and sizes, essential to create a perfect airbrushed look. High quality brush set from professional manufacturer + High Quality Leather pouch

What's included:
1 x Contour brush
1 x Smoked brush
1 x Concealer brush
1 x Beveled concealer brush
1 x Large fan brush
1 x Small fan Brush
1 x Rouge brush
1 x Blusher brush
1 x Angled contour brush
1 x Large eyeshadow brush
1 x Queen paste brush
1 x Medium paste brush
1 x Eeliner brush
1 x Angle brow brush
1 x Lip brush
1 x Medium eyeshadow brush
1 x Small eyeshadow brush
1 x Angled eyeshadow brush
1 x Beveled lip brush
1 x Little tapered eye shadow brush
1 x Eyelash brush roll brush
1 x Lash comb & brow comb
1 x Eyeliner brush
1 x Eyeshadow sponge

Brush Material: High Quality Synthetic Hair

1 x 24pcs Makeup Brushes
1 x Bag

USA Delivery: 3-9 Days

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