Plus Size Clothing Tips

Lana Buxton

Posted on September 09 2017

By now we can all agree that what you wear is not only a part of your daily life but it's more a part of your whole persona. Basically, through your look, you display a screenshot of yourself to the world. No one can deny that it is an important aspect of your overall appearance. Through your look, you are sending messages that you are either likable and reliable or someone whom others would not like to relate to. Therefore don’t underestimate the importance of your appearance because through the image you present you can either achieve your goals easier than by any other means or come very close to not accomplishing them at all. Your image has to become your strongest weapon which should sharpen the other qualities you possess and reinforce the impression you want to leave to others.

Your image is also a part of nonverbal communication so keep that in mind the next time you want to state something. Unconsciously people evaluate each other through their look and this is the process which attracts people to each other. If you are sending wrong messages through your image, other people may misinterpret your personality. So, bear in mind that your image is not only your look and clothes you wear. This is your whole persona – Your clothes, shoes, nice manners, voice, posture etc. Today we are going to talk about the power of clothes as a part of your image.

So if you are a plus size woman - nothing to worry about as your size is not a barrier to your style. With the right plus size clothes, you can easily cover and minimize your imperfections and accentuate your best features. With some tips and practice, you can become your own fashion expert. Choosing the right colors and the right Plus Size Fashion outfits will help you develop your personal style and make your body look slimmer. Here are a few basic  tips;

  • Don’t wear bulky or very loose unstructured clothes as they can camouflage your figure but on the other hand, they will make you look broader
  • Avoid large pockets
  • Avoid horizontal stripes – use stripes wisely to fix some imperfections
  • Avoid plaids
  • Avoid pleats in skirts and trousers
  • Wear ankle length skinny trousers
  • Wear well-fitted dresses
  • Choose V-neck dresses and tees
  • Wear darker shades in any color
  • Wear light fabrics like silk, lace, rayon, linen as they will give you a softer look
  • Bring attention to your face by wearing attractive blouses and dresses
  • Use accessories but try to avoid small details. You are allowed to wear large bags, earrings, bangles, and glasses

Those tips are only a small part of our suggestions for Plus Size Clothing and we hope that you will find them useful and remember them every time you go shopping and just like that looking wonderful becomes easy.


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